We bring to your attention our products , heparin-containing raw materials-raw heparin produced from the pomace of the small intestine of a pig, produced on the basis of contract production.

Table 1.  Microbiological safety indicators

Name of an IndicatorValue of an Indicator
Total yeast and moulds count, CFU /g, no more than     1×103
TBC, CFU /g, no more than     5×105
Presence of pathogens: 
Salmonella per 25.0 grNot allowed
Pathogenic Escherichia coli per 50.0 grNot allowed
E.coliNot allowed
Toxicogenic anaerobes per 1.0 grNot allowed
Enteropathogenic types of Escherichia coli per 1.0 grNot allowed
 Anticoagulant Activity Heparin – from 50-100 ME/mg 81.67 +/-16.33