Our company, DANEX IC VE DIS TICARET SANAYI LTD. STI. has been established since 2015 in the Aegean Free Economic Zone (ESBAS) in Izmir/Turkey and specialized in manufacturing and trading a wide variety of virgin organic, natural oils and powders.

Our mission is to offer an inspiring range of premium quality products, produced from verified raw materials. We use modern pressing equipment and do not add any chemical additives or involve heating process during the production. It allows to preserve all the naturel vitamins, minerals, biologically active elements and nutrients typical for all the products. Our production unit is certificated by EUROCERT (ISO 22000, HACCP), we have an FDA registration. Our organic products fully meet EU and USDA organic regulations and are certified organic by EcoCert, a EOS and USDA-accredited organic certifying agency.

Our products are 100% export and the main markets are Asia, United States and Europe (Holland, Germany, Spain, France, USA, Australia, Russia etc.)

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